weight loss

Fatigue and Excess Weight

Yesterday, I went to the doctor’s office complaining of fatigue. Now I have fibromyalgia and thought for sure I would hear the doctor say it was all related to having fibromyalgia. He said it was part of it but another is caring around the 100+ pounds of extra weight. He referred me to having surgical weight loss due to the amount of weight I needed to lose that Weight Watchers would take a long time to lose. Right now all of my organs are operating well and there are no big concerns except for the weight and that it is make my life significantly harder to live.

My doctor did say to continue to lose as much weight as a I can as it will make the surgery  easier and have less chance of complications.

The first time my doctor made a referral to surgical weight loss I said no and that I would try it myself. Well I got 10 pounds down but I really struggled knowing that I had so much to lose and that it would take me over a year to lose it all.  And even then I wasn’t sure I could do it. I was just hoping I could. So last night’s dinner wasn’t all that appealing:


Just a salad with ice berg lettuce, an apple cut up, diced chicken breast, two clementines, 1 tsp of grated Parmesan cheese and 2 tablespoons fat free Catalina Dressing.

Yes, I started back on Weight Watchers again to try and lose what I can on my own. So this salad only had 4 smart points from the cheese and the dressing. This salad is pretty small and bland from what I usually eat but that’s because I need to go shopping for more foods I can eat while doing WW.

So that is where I stand right now. And I’ll keep updating the blog as a I go. Perhaps I’ll fill it with recipes I think you’ll enjoy and just general updates on how I’m doing with my weight.

Of course, if you have a weight loss story, or struggle with weight loss, I’d be happy to hear from you. You can leave me a comment or send me an email at jansweightlossjourney@gmail.com


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