Scared to Lose

Here I am 36 years old and weigh 286lbs. I’m on Weight Watchers but struggling to lose any weight. My husband and I had a long talk and I think I’m scared to be thin again. You see when I was 20 I was still living with my dad the last of 6 kids. My mothering having died just three years prior. It was just my dad and I for a while. I weighed 133lbs. My dad met this man on Paltalk and my dad went to Canada to visit him. Then my dad brought this man back to the house. My dad told me he was on probation but never told me what for. Before long my underwear went missing and he was taking photos of me all the time. I remember feeling real uncomfortable but didn’t know why. I later learned he was a pedophile. My fear increased and I felt i had nowhere to go. Now today I struggle to loser weight out of fear of being that thin again. What if the same thing happens, like someone takes a picture of me. I’m scared and need to work through therapy to get through this. I have therapy on friday so I will talk about it then.

Are you struggling to lose weight? Look through your life experiences and see if there is something standing in your way.

God bless you on your weight loss journey.

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