weight loss


So things have changed lately. I”m not on Weight Watchers anymore. I struggled to lose weight on that program and now my hubby and I are on a program called the Plant Based Diet which we got from the How Not to Die book series and cookbook. Several of the recipes are really good but there are some we could easily skip. My husband thought for sure I would lose weight on this diet and I thought I would too.

I weighed myself one morning and found I had lost two pounds. That was great! That’s a start. Then I weighed myself again a week later and I had gained six pounds. This happened again a couple weeks later. I lost two pounds and gained six.

Finally my husband and I looked at water retention and my doctor put me on furosemide. I noticed in certain areas of my body the puffiness did go down. But I’m waiting to see how much and just how much I’ve lost. If I haven’t lost much then my doctor wants to go a different route. He doesn’t like how my weight is fluctuating even though my diet is staying the same.

I just don’t know know what is happening but I’ll keep you updated.


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